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vinyl vehicle wrapping

P.P.F. and more...

Paint Protection Film (PPF) is a self healing virtually invisible urethane layer that protects your vehicle’s paint from everyday damages including scuffs, scratches, chips, UV exposure, oxidation and more.

Ceramic Coating

Ceramic coatings make a super hydrophobic surface over vehicle's paint that repels water and dirt. On top of all the protection, it also adds a beautiful deep gloss to your vehicles paint enhancing the reflective properties of the clear coat.

Interior Protection

Since we spend most of your time inside the car so it pays off to have a clean and well-maintained interior. Ceramic interior coatings are hydrophobic, creating a protective layer that repels liquid and resists stains.

Window Tinting

We offer premium tinting services for all vehicle categories. Tinting is an absolute necessity in the climate that we are and we make sure that you get the best possible protection that functions and looks the part.


We apply large panels of fully removable vinyl to your vehicle and give your car a completely fresh new look while keeping the old one. Unlike spray-jobs, a Vinyl wrap can be removed quickly and easily so you can revert to the original paint finish whenever you want to.

Blackout Kits

The blackout kits includes changing all your chrome or alloy parts of your vehicle (Lights, badges, door handles etc) wrapped or painted in either satin or gloss black.

Chrome Delete

With Chrome Delete you can pick and choose which bits of the car you'd like to black out, primarily it involves wrapping or painting everything that's chrome.

Roof Wraps

Roof Wraps are a quick and easy way to give your ride that slick look. Our premium roof wrap options are a more budget friendly option compared to getting a factory painted roof.


We are a one-stop-shop when it comes to vehicle customisation. We offer a wide range of upgrades to make your ride stand out from the crowd.

Wheels and Tires

Want new shoes for your ride? We've got your back. We offer a whole spectrum of different options to fit all your needs, drop in-store for more details.

Light Upgrades

Whether you need new headlights, tail lights or a wicked LED underglow, we can do it all! On top of that we do interior light upgrades too including the very famous Star Roof.

Wheel and Caliper painting

We offer various colour change packages specifically for wheels and callipers designed to level up your shoe game!


Not just exterior panache, we are pretty big on making the interiors shine as well. From protecting the upholstery to giving it a complete makeover, we do it all!


We offer special customised upholstery packages to add that touch of individuality to your vehicle's interior. Whether you are looking to reupholster or protection packages, we've got custom solutions for your every need.

Music System Upgrades

Playing bangers on loop but the factory speakers aren't doing justice to your music? We can help you upgrade your complete sound system, get in touch to know more.

Custom Steering wheels

The leather cracks aren't appealing to anybody, instead of covering it with those hideous covers, we can bring it up a notch by replacing it with a custom fresh wheel.


If you have a project in mind and need that special attention and care to make that a reality, we're all for it!
We offer a completely custom bespoke service for your special projects!

Commercial Signage

Your vehicle can be your best salesman and at Upgrade Studio, we make sure that it is! Our team of designers can design a stand out signage which when executed by our expert wrappers does wonders for your business. Get in touch today for a quote.

Livery Design

So you've built or bought the perfect track machine, make it look the part with our customised livery design packages.

Car Protection

We offer products which prevent your vehicle from getting unnecessary scuffs and scrapes which is an issue with low ride heights. Get in touch to know more.

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